Update –  24/04/17

We have been open and transparent about the fact that the waste is going to landfill while we transition into the new technology. However as many of you have expressed that you are not happy with this we have decided to stop this service for all residential customers and the bins that you access with your cards will no longer be active for Wellington on Friday 28th April and Christchurch Friday 5th May. Full Refunds will be provided for any remaining bags you have. Please contact us at info@envirocomp.co.nz for refunds. Refunds will only be available until Monday May 15th 2017.

Kind regards
The Envirocomp Team
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Update – 07/03/2017

The founder of world leading nappy composting company, Envirocomp Karen Ashby, has wasted little time following her consortiums repurchase of the New Zealand operation from multinational OCS. Karen established the business in 2008 and sold to OCS in 2011 continuing as CEO for a further 3 years. Frontier Group Partners Ltd (FGPL) who acquired the NZ operation in 2016 and first rights to the UK business has recently purchased a shareholding in Christchurch based technology company, Eneform Ltd to recycle not only nappies but also used tyres and waste plastic.

Eneform has a proven pyrolysis technology that was successfully piloted on a Fulton Hogan site achieving process objectives converting tyres into core elements including recycled steel, oils and gases. Resultant fuel oils were trialled by Fulton Hogan. The technology has been commercialized in conjunction with Southern Cross Engineering Ltd and a number of specialist entities. Plans are already advanced to create full scale plants in Canterbury and Waikato. The capital for the project is being raised in conjunction with NZ Development Trust Ltd.

The Envirocomp nappy composting business will be transferred to Eneform and the nappy waste will be recycled under the new technology, when the first new plant opens in early 2018. Karen says she is excited to be working with Eneform:

“It’s exciting to be involved in another world first technology application which has found solutions for multiple waste streams. This new technology will process sanitary hygiene waste along with used tyres and plastic materials taking the Envirocomp business to a new level.”

It is estimated that every year a total of 1 billion end of life tyres are generated across the globe. In the New Zealand context, there are an estimated 3.9 million passenger tyres and 1.2 million truck and other tyres disposed of annually. The majority of all New Zealand end of life tyres are sent to landfill or exported for incineration every year.

The Eneform management and partners have extensive experience in commercialising new technology and establishing new large scale plants. Craig Philips, CEO of Southern Cross Engineering says “This type of business developed by Eneform and Southern Cross with associated parties fits well into New Zealand being able to apply technology which offers both environmental solutions and future export opportunities.  Pyrolysis is a very suitable technology in that it cleanly deconstructs waste streams via vacuum and heat into energy and material components – the ability to do this on a continuous basis rather than batch process seen elsewhere in the world is world leading. “


Radio NZ News 7th March 2017 – Interview with Andrew Simcock – CEO Eneform Ltd